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Trackpad In the Field

CVR ITF003.jpg

Belgian Army Leopard 1  Forty-five Years of Service – 1969-2014

Written by Patrick Winnepenninckx

This In the Field book looks at the Leopard 1 that served in the Belgian Army for 45 years.

This book complements the Belgian Leopard 1(BE) and Leopard 1A5(BE) (forthcoming) books in the Model Foto Focus series which provide full details of all technical aspects of the Belgian Leopard tanks.

This In the Field book focuses on the ‘in-service’ use of the Leopard throughout its Belgian Army service.
It provides information on the units that fielded the Leopard main battle tanks, their markings,
employment during field training exercises, live-fire gunnery, operations, and their retirement.

What is in the book?
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