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We specialise in producing limited run books of military vehicles – any type, any period. However, Leopard will always be the publisher's subject of choice.


If you are an author and have a subject that you think we might be interested in, then please feel free to contact us.


We are always open to new and fresh subjects and ideas.


Books versus Digital Media

Digital images are becoming more and more popular, whether they are on from the internet or from commercially available CDs/DVDs.

CDs/DVDs are great, but some of them have such a huge number of images, some good, some bad, usually totally disorganised, that it is difficult to find what you need. Internet images are invariably of poor quality. Nearly all of them lack information to back them up.

In a book, you don’t get the same number of images. However, if the publisher has done his job, then the selection of images should be well thought out with good quality images throughout, arranged in a sensible order. Good, informative captions make a big difference - which you don’t get on a disc. A good book is a better reference source than a poorly organised disc. This is where our Modellers Foto Focus series scores.

Also, the shear amount of of information in a good quality reference book, such as Dutch Leopard 1 or Leopard AS1, with a respected author, will always far outweigh the sometimes dubious information available digitally or electronically.

Quality over quantity. That is what Trackpad Publishing is all about. I hope you agree.

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