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IDF Early Armoured Cars

This album tells the story of early armored cars from the very start of the State of Israel.  Carefully researched and detailed captions put photographs in their historical context.


Jewish engineers did not have true armor plate so they improvised with wood sandwiched between metal sheets. Makeshift fighting vehicles evolved into true armored cars. Technicians used a variety of military vehicles. Since the Arab forces were equipped mainly with armored cars and obsolete pre-war tanks, these home-grown vehicles were very useful.


Captured materiel played a major part in the War of Independence. These included Daimler  armored cars, ex-Egyptian Humbers, a few Otters and Marmon-Herringtons acquired from British stocks or captured from the Arabs. Dingo, Lynx  and Humber Scout Cars, Humber and Morris Light Reconnaissance Cars and converted Canadian C15As were also obtained. Eventually, the French AML-90 was acquired in 1963.

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