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Trackpad Model Foto Focus

1A5 – The Ultimate Leopard 1

This Model Foto Focus reference books includes colour full-view and walkaround captioned photos of  the last Leopard 1 introduced into the Bundeswehr.


It takes a thorough look around the exterior of  the Leopard 1A5. For the modeller, this is the ultimate walkaround for an accurate model. For the armour enthusiast, it describes Leopard 1A5 in great detail.


Leopard 1 was originally conceived in the 1960s to face the threat of the Soviet T-54, T-55 and T-62. By 1980, it had to face the more formidable T-64 and T-72. Fitted with a revolutionary fire-control system, it was the first to use a laser rangefinder allowing all-weather, day or night, vision. Together with an upgrade in ammunition and many other modifications, it became the Ultimate Leopard 1.


This Model Foto Focus includes colour full-view In-the Field and a large number of walkaround captioned photographs, making for a compelling collection of images.  In its 80 pages are over 260 photos, some of which are full page size.


This book
What do you say?

Yet another excellent reference book from Trackpad Publishing. A thorough, systematic approach to the exterior of German service Leopard 1A5s. Excellent quality and quantity of pictures, useful captions, and inspiring overall shots of heavily weathered winter Leopards. With newer 1A5 kits out there from Meng and Takom, this book will undoubtedly prove useful for those who want to go the extra mile in detailing their kit.


1A5 – The Ultimate Leopard is an amazingly comprehensive look at the last of the Leopard 1 tanks, the 1A5 and a fantastic addition to the Model Foto Focus Series.  The author has done an outstanding job in focusing on the key components that differentiate the 1A5 from other Leopard 1 tanks as well as showing all of the exterior facets that make up the Leopard 1A5.  Each of these photos has been supported with textual content informing the reader to key points shown in each picture. From a modelling standpoint, an all-inclusive walk around book on any subject is one of the most invaluable tools to any builder.  My recommendation about this book is a must-have addition to enthusiasts of the Leopard 1A5 and an essential referencing guide for modelers of the Leopard family of tanks.


The Leopard 1A5 was the last of its kind. For that time a really sophisticated battle tank with excellent performance characteristics. The focus is to give the modeller references for the construction of numerous kits this battle tank and for interested parties to obtain a detailed view of the vehicle. As an author, Ralph Zwilling  is known for his numerous informative publications. We can expect a detailed and informative book, which consists of high quality pictures and technically competent advice. Interesting and recommended!


The book about the Leopard 1A5 from Trackpad Publishing is again a successful issue from the series FotoFocus. The author has documented the Leopard 1A5 quite extensively, which makes this picture book an informative and figuratively absolutely well-equipped reference. The model builder or the technically interested definitely recommend!


There is no area that is not photographed and explained accordingly - here all model builders and otherwise interested in Leopard 1 will be interested. Also the information presented is sensational.

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