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Trackpad In Depth

CVR_IDFHalftrackArtillery Vol3 V3.jpg

Israel Half-Track-based Self-Propelled Weapons

Written by Tom Gannon

Towed guns, howitzers and a variety of mortars were used during the early years of Heil Ha’Totchanim (Artillery Corps). These weapons included homemade mortars such as a small number of the locally-designed and built Davidka (Little David), pre-World War I Napoleonchik howitzers, and ex-British QF (Quick Firing) 25-pounder guns/howitzers. Small quantities of other vintage or near-vintage pieces dating back to both World Wars, were also purchased and otherwise ‘acquired’ from various sources and used as well. In the beginning, by necessity, some of these weapons were combined with various vehicles also obtained from multiple sources.

Having already seen the improvisations made using the venerable Sherman tank in Volume 1 and
Volume 2, this volume will cover different weapon systems mounted on American-built half-tracks.

What is in the book?
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