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Trackpad Model Foto Focus

Danish Leopard 1A5DK1

Danish Leopard 1A5DK1the fourth in our series of Model Foto Focus reference books includes colour full-view and walkaround captioned photos of  a Leopard 1 that spent many years on peace-keeping duties with IFOR, KFOR and SFOR.


From February 1976, Denmark started to receive their first Leopard 1A3DKs, and by 1978 all had been supplied. Towards the end of the 1980s, the Danish Army had to realise that an upgrade of the Leopards could no longer be postponed and a programme to upgrade to 1A5DK standard was started. Whereas the 1A3 version had lived a relatively unchanged life during its fifteen years, the 1A5 version was to have fifteen years with many changes. The main reason for this was a change in the operation for the Danish Army. In the lifetime of the 1A3 version, the task of the army was to participate in the defence of the country and NATO. In the lifetime of the 1A5DK version, the army had an increasing number of international assignments, largely peace-keeping missions, in the Balkans.


This is one of the most thorough books of its type ever published. Written by Kenneth Ostergaard with many of his own photographs of a preserved vehicle (belonging to a preservation society he is a keen member of), the book is compiled into an attractive album. This Model Foto Focus includes colour full-view In-the Field and a large number of walkaround captioned photographs, making for a compelling collection of images.  In the expanded 100 pages are 350 photos, some of which are full page size.


This book
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The images are taken with a modeller's eye for detail and are excellent. It's beautifully produced and an invaluable addition to the library of anyone tackling one of the Leopard 1 kits out there.

Military Modelcraft Magazine October 2016


This really is a first class book on the subject, the photographs are first class and and it also provides a fascinating insight to this very Danish tank. All of the photographs are truly breathtaking and this book has been clearly designed for the modeller, by the modeller.


Conclusion – Rarely have I seen such a detailed reference. The author has documented every little angle, making this photo book of Leopard 1A5DK1 from Trackpad Publishing a readable, informative and visually absolutely top-equipped reference. Highly recommended - a must-have!


Trackpad Publishing surges forward with yet another outstanding edition from their Model Foto Focus Series. Danish Leopard 1A5DK1 is the fourth book in this series and gives the reader one of the most comprehensively detailed walk around views of the Danish Leopard 1A5DK1 to date. The author has excelled in his efforts to show just about every square inch of these tanks as well as nicely complimenting the picture-packed pages of this book with a tremendous amount of informative supporting text defining both major and minor components of these beasts. I can honestly say, the Danish Leopard 1A5DK1 book is a modeler’s dream reference as it pertains to this tank. Kenneth Ostergaard has done an amazing job showing the complete ins and outs to the Danish version of the Leopard tank. Other than being a perfect reference companion for modelers, the book would make a fantastic addition to any Leopard tank enthusiast’s library.


Another excellent offering of the Foto Focus Series. Excellent, well-captioned pictures. Logical organization of content. Absolutely thorough photographic coverage of the subject, including the interior. Definite must-have ref for anyone modelling a Danish Leopard 1A5DK1, and a highly recommended book for any fan of the Leopard 1.


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