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Alpine Hornets

From the author of TP Aviation’s first successful book, Rutland Harriers, Gary Parsons has now penned Alpine Hornets.

Due to Switzerland’s mountainous terrain with steep landing approaches at airfields such as Meiringen, the purchase of the F/A-18 Hornet in the mid-90s was against the trend of the ubiquitous F-16 used in the rest of Europe. This has proven to be a sound decision.

Now, in the second half of its service life, a successor is being considered by the Swiss Air Force, but we can expect to see Alpine Hornets until around 2030.

This book takes a look at the service of the Hornet since its introduction to the Swiss Air Force
in 1997.

Every Hornet is highlighted with at least a full-page portrait, some showing changes throughout its life.

TPAV002 A4 landscape 124 pages approx 120 photos full colour £21.50

Online review here thanks to Andy Brazier and Aeroscale

What is in the book?
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