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Trackpad In the Field

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Danish Leopard 2A5DK in Afghanistan 

Written by Kim Hartvig Sørensen

Trackpad would like to welcome a new author to our catalogue, Kim Hartvig Sørensen.

This In the Field book looks at the Danish Leopard 2A5DK as it appeared in the desert sands of Helmand Province, Afghanistan, from 2007 until 2014.

This book complements the two existing Trackpad books detailing the Danish Leopard 2 - Danish Leopards in Helmand - from the Crew’s Perspective, and Danish Leopard 2A5DK and QRF.
We follow Leopard 2 and its support vehicles arriving in theatre, in training and operations in the desert, supporting and being supported by British and US forces, plus an extensive look at the beast as equipped for the desert and its mission.

What is in the book?
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