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Trackpad In the Field

The Challenger 2 Family in Germany 

Trackpad welcomes another new author, Sebastian Kreutzkamp. This In the Field book looks at the Challenger 2 family that served in Germany until the withdrawal of British forces. It includes not only the CR2 main battle tank, but also the CRARRV recovery vehicle, Trojan engineer vehicle and the Titan bridgelayer.


We follow the CR2 on exercise, carrying out different types of maneouvres, in a troop hide in the woods, live firing, and being deployed by road and rail.

This book
What do you say?

In this new book from Trackpad Publishing's "In the Field" series, author Sebastian Kreutzkamp presents an outstanding illustrated book about Challenger 2 battle tanks and their derivatives in use at British Forces Germany. The book is a must for every military enthusiast. Absolute recommendation !!!


The book's 94 pages contain some glorious colour photos of the Challenger 2, CRARRV, Trojan and Titan.  The beautifully reproduced photos are a superb reference of modern AFVs. All in all, an absoluteky fabulous volume.

Military Modelcraft Interntional magazimne June 2018

This book is about providing a large array of in-action pictures of Germany-deployed Challengers 2, along with specialized vehicles supporting it in the field. It provides great inspiration for us modelers, and a good amount of useful information about the Challenger 2, CRARRV, Trojan and Titan, as well as some transport vehicles. Kreutzkamp's pictures are magnificent, sharp and of irreproachable quality. Great reference for painting, marking and especially weathering of Germany-deployed Challenger 2s. The book totally confirms my opinion that the Challenger 2 is the coolest looking MBT ever.

Track-Linl review by Jean-Vincent Roy

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