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21st Century HEMTT and Family Members

Written by Robert Burik

Trackpad would like to welcome a new author to our catalogue, Robert Burik.

The Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) family of vehicles was developed in the 1970s. The truck manufacturer, Oshkosh Corporation, was chosen to provide cargo trucks, fuellers, load-handling system trucks, bridge transporters, and tactical fire-fighting vehicles, introduced into service in 1982. More recently, relatives of the HEMTT, the Palletised Load System and Logistics Vehicle System, in the US Army, have replaced the cargo variant of the HEMTT.

In 2001, a refit programme was started – HEMTT Fleet Recapitalisation Programme in which individual units returned their vehicles to be rebuilt to zero miles, as new. As the programme matured, vehicles were also brought up to A2 standards.

Vehicles covered in this book are:
M977 Cargo Truck
M978 Fueller
M983A4 LET
M984 Wrecker
M985 Cargo Truck
M1120 LHSM1142 TFFT and
M1977 CBT
M1075 PLS
M1076 PLST
MK48 LVS and ...

What is in the book?
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