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Trackpad Photo Album

IDF Jeeps

This album tells the story of the Jeep in Israeli service from the very start of the State of Israel, and even before. Carefully researched and detailed captions put the photos in their historical context.


When did the Jeep appear in Israel? The British brought them in, to be followed by deliveries from overseas, as Jewish acquisition teams traveled the globe. Both before and after Independence, these teams managed to acquire weapons and vehicles from everywhere.


It details all types of Jeep including Willys MB/Ford GPW, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, M38, CJ-5, M38A1, M170, M606 and CJ-3B.

This book
What do you say?

Last month we had the pleasure of reviewing two new titles on IDF armour from Trackpad Publishing. This month we have a third , also by Tom Gannon. It's a relatively slim volume with just 58 pages, but within you find no fewer than 162 photos, the vast majority previously unpublished, of Jeeps on parade and in action. This is a real treat for both fans of the Jeep (in its various guises) and the IDF. Very highly recommended.

Military Modelcraft International April 2018


Military Modelling Book of the Month!! These IDF Jeeps are presented in every single environment from conflict through to impressive parades and on to the present day with colour images of preserved examples in varying states of repair. This is a very difficult book to put down as you are quickly drawn into the story of each individual photograph and although this is supposed to be all about Jeeps, the many characters in the quality

images are an enjoyable distraction.

Military Modelling April 2018


This new Photo Album from Trackpad offers a great collection of photos and very detailed captions tracing the history of the all-important Jeep in the hands of the IDF. We start at the very beginning with vehicles left by the British and UN and the conversion and further purchase to suit the needs of the IDF. These vehicles make great and unique modelling conversions and this is superb reference. A must for Jeep or IDF enthusiasts.

AFV Modeller magazine Issue 100 May/June 2018


The first thing you notice about this book is the amount of information on each page! It really is incredible. After reading the two volumes of the IDF Sherman-based SP Weapons, I was very much looking forward to reading this third offering from Trackpad Publishing  and I have to say I was not disappointed. The way the author Tom Gannon writes makes it very easy to follow and digest as well as giving you all the background information. The text is astonishing and literally covers every single picture. It is one of the best examples I have ever had the pleasure to read and review. I am hoping that this series on the IDF will continue with further titles, as I know I for one will be awaiting its release.

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