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Egypt received its first T-34/85s in 1956, with their first combat use against the Israeli Defense Force during the Sinai Campaign in 1956.
At the same time, there was contact with Anglo/French forces involved in the simultaneously launched Operation Musketeer, intended to secure an open route through the Suez Canal, previously closed by the Egyptians. Even though Egypt’s 4th Armored Division’s T-34/85s did not fare well against IDF Shermans during the Sinai Campaign, they did serve through the Six-Day War and beyond.
Syria also acquired the type which saw more limited use in 1967 with less-than-ideal results.
As well as T-34/85, vehicles in this volume include: Israeli T-34 Bunkers, Egyptian and Syrian SU-100 Tank Destroyers, Egyptian T-100 Tank Destroyer, Egyptian T-122 Self-Propelled Howitzer, Syrian T-34/122 Howitzer and T-34 Recovery Versions.

The T-34 Series in the Arab-Israeli Wars

  • TP009

    A4 portrait. 234 photos. 114 pages. £19.50 + post

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