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Trackpad Photo Album

CVR PA003.jpg

Early IDF Sandwich Trucks and Improvised Armoured Vehicles

Written by Tom Gannon

 This Trackpad Photo Album tells the story of the early sandwich trucks and improvised armored vehicles. Carefully researched and detailed captions put photographs in their historical context.

Israeli engineers did not have true armor plate, so they improvised with wood sandwiched between metal sheets. Makeshift fighting vehicles evolved into improvised armored vehicles.

Weapons and vehicles came from a variety of sources, beginning with the British, and then through acquisition teams who traveled the globe searching.

Armored vehicles were the most difficult to come by, so the various defense organizations and the members of the kibbutzim and moshavim had to improvise. Later, local factories joined the effort, developing skills that came in handy as the war extended.

What is in the book?
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