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Israeli Sherman-based Self-Propelled Weapons Volume 1

Tom Gannon is well known for his research and writing on Israeli military vehicles. Trackpad are very proud that Tom has chosen to continue his work on the subject with us.


This is the first volume of two giving a comprehensive look at the unique Israeli Sherman-based Artillery vehicles. The book looks at these unique vehicles beginning with  the improvisations forced upon Haganah and the fledgling IDF in the late 1940s and onwards.


The two volumes discuss the contribution of primarily, self-propelled artillery in the development of TZAHAL (Tsva Ha’Haganah le’Yisra’el, Hebrew for Israel Defense Force or IDF), as it was paired with another significant part of IDF history, the Sherman tank.


This subject is best understood by also discussing what came immediately before the Sherman-based artillery weapons in IDF service. Actually, the use of weapons more powerful than rifles and machine guns in the region pre-dates the establishment of TZAHAL which did not occur until May 26, 1948, nearly two weeks after independence.


Vehicles in this first volume are: M7 Priest and TOMAT M50 155mm.



This book
What do you say?

Nice to see the author working with Trackpad Publishing on this project which guarantees us a high quality book before a page is turned. 330 high quality photographs, both period and modern, fill this
book from front to back and the depth of information will leave even the most knowledgeable on this subject knowing a little more.

Military Modelling Magazine No.2 2018


I found this offering from Trackpad Publishing to be a very good read with so much information and fantastic pictures that I have read it twice now and still find myself opening it up and looking at the different pictures of the vehicles.
I particularly like the way that each photo in the book carries information about the photo including in some, some technical information yet not overwhelming you with the data.
This is a very well written and thought out book with so many photos that include the walk around section towards the end of each chapter for the modeller interested in Israeli Defence Forces or the Sherman line of tanks then this should be a must for your library.

Armorama review by Adie Roberts


This really is a treasure trove of information and images for students of the IDF or Sherman-based vehicles. lts 168 pages contain well over 300 colour and black-and-white images.The text is informative, while the photos are clearly produced and well captioned .There is a good mix of parade-ground images,'in action' shots and 'walkarounds' of surviving vehicles. A really excellent start to this new venture byTrackpad Publishing and one that is very highly recommended.

Military Modelcraft International magazine March 2018 with thanks to David Grummit


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