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The Belgian Army were the largest export customer for the British CVR(T) family of light armoured vehicles.
This Model Foto Focus takes a thorough look around these little-documented but fascinating machines. For the modeller, this is the ultimate walkaround for an accurate model. For the historian and enthusiast,
it provides a detailed insight into  the desin and operation of these vehicles.
In Part 2 of this study, we look at the ‘long-hull’ versions – Spartan, Samaritan, Sultan and Samson – used by Belgium. In Part 1, the ‘offensive’ turreted versions of the CVR(T) family are featured, plus the anti-tank missile-armed Striker.
The British and Belgian CVR(T) families had a lot in common, especially in their early days. These books will therefore, also be of great interest to British CVR(T) enthusiasts.

CVR(T) Family Part 2

  • MFF10 A4 landscape, full colour throughout, 140 pages, softback. About 500 photos. ISBN: none

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